We are in the process of launching a new, non-commercial website devoted to telling the truth about medical cannabis/industrial hemp using primary source information.  Primary source information is actual studies, actual laws, actual court rulings, pending bills, and other similar information.  Other sections will be devoted to patient stories and photos (with all identifying information removed) to put a 'face' to medical cannabis.  We'll also have sections of the website devoted to the history of cannabis (medical and industrial), and other useful information.

Our target audience is physicians, lawyers, lawmakers, patients, and the general public who what accurate information and peer reviewed medical articles concerning medical cannabis.  Soon you will be able to go to www.justsayKNOW.org for answers to your questions.  In the meantime, please see our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/175780269215499/ to contribute a link or see how the site is progressing.

Dr. Bob