Be Careful With Who You Smoke With or Around

This is a topic that needs to be talked about more. It may seem like common sense to many, but the funny thing about common sense is that it isn’t all that common. I’ve seen some crazy things happen when people smoke around the wrong people. By not choosing your smoke group and setting carefully, you can potentially be throwing hundreds of dollars down the table and mar your reputation for good. It’s happened to several people I know, and I will never smoke with them again. They’re like poison to me now.

Why is it important?

I don’t like being lifted around people who plant negative suggestions in your head. When you’re high, you are in a vulnerable place and I don’t mean physically. I mean mentally. It’s much easier for people to plant suggestions in your head when you’re high. No, you won’t just do whatever anyone says but they can easily alter your experience because you won’t have your guard up as much. When you have a poison in your smoke group, they can infect the whole group.

I hate smoking with people who say things about how they get scared every time they smoke that the weed could be laced or anything of the sort. Planting those kinds of thoughts in the heads of high people can easily lead to paranoia.

A Quick Cautionary Tale

Being paranoid-high is not a fun experience. I personally have never been paranoid-high, but I’ve seen it. One time, my friend got so paranoid at a birthday party, his family called the cops. This was at his moms birthday party and he had an edible. His family is very conservative and he didn’t want them to find out he was high. This led to him getting paranoid that they could tell that he was high.

He had a full paranoia attack and flipped all the way out. He was talking about killing the canna-cookie chef and then killing himself. He went up to each of his kids and apologized for killing himself in advanced and told the he wished he could be there for them long term but he just can’t. This all happened because he didn’t choose who to be high around wisely or carefully.

After his family called the cops and ambulance, they basically laughed at him. This was in a state that didn’t have legal weed in any form, but the medical team just told the family he was paranoid and having an anxiety attack. They told him to chill out and let it run its course.

I’ve seen this happen first hand, and it isn’t all that funny. In hindsight, after everyone is okay, we all can laugh about it because it’s actually hilarious as long as nobody gets hurt. But this is not the kind of person I like to get high around ever. A situation like this can easily turn south fast.

Who to Smoke Around

It’s best to smoke around people you trust, love, and don’t have a propensity to flip out. The first two are important, but the last one is equally important. If your smoke buddies don’t meet all of these requirements, you should find a new smoke group or enjoy solo sessions in the mean time. If you found this quit tip helpful, checkout these top weed tips as well. Take care.