What is needed for a Certification?

At Denali Healthcare, PLLC, we provide medical marijuana certifications for patients that qualify under the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

To determine if you qualify, you will need to show us that you have one of the qualifying conditions:

1. Cancer:  A medical record confirming cancer listing type and current therapy

2. Glaucoma:  A medical record showing glaucoma and treatment

3. Crohn’s Disease:  Recent medical records confirming the diagnosis

4. HIV:  Recent blood testing and medication

5. Hepatitis C:  Blood work and proof of treatment

6. Nail Patella Syndrome:  Confirmation of diagnosis from your doctor

7. ALS:  confirmation of diagnosis from doctor

8. Alzheimer's disease:  Confirmation of diagnosis

9. Wasting Syndrome:  Diagnosis of wasting syndrome from primary care physician

10. Chronic Pain:  Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms requiring treatment from a physician/chiropractor

11. Severe Nausea:  Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms and treatment for nausea

12. Seizures:  Diagnosis of seizures and current anti-seizure medications

13. Muscle Spasms:  Confirmation of 3 months of symptoms and current treatment.

To document a diagnosis, we need records from your treating physician.  We generally ask for 3-5 notes but as above, we simply need enough records to clearly and defensibly confirm you have a qualifying condition.  Generally, you can go to your physician and ask to fill out a records release for the last 3-5 office visit notes, MRI reports, etc. and have them faxed to our office at 989-317-3150.  Be sure to use a cover sheet that has your contact information.  If you need a records release, you can download it from our website.  It is in the same location that has the new and renewal application packets on the right side.

You will download the appropriate packet, fill out your sections and bring it in to the clinic, or we can provide you with the forms when you come in at no charge.  Gather your medical records; bring them WITH you on the day of appointment.  The appointment takes about 15 min, plus the time of filling out the paperwork and making copies of everything.

Prior to coming into the clinic, you might want to contact the local compassion club and meet some potential caregivers, unless you are able to grow your own meds.  An interactive map is on my website.

Note on the bona fide doctor patient relationship:

This office uses a 5 part definition for the bona fide doctor/patient relationship and will continue to do so until we are given another definition from the state.  Dr. Townsend is an acknowledged expert on the bona fide dr/pt relationship in N. Michigan.  He has been consulted by attorneys, government officials, and various organizations to clarify and explain what constitutes a bona fide relationship and what does not, as well as the components and standards of a certification exam.

1. There will be a real-time interaction between the patient and the physician, in person.  Telemedicine is available for remote or home bound patients but will only be used in justified situations and evaluated case by case for some renewals.  It is expected the vast majority of time you will go to a live appointment with me.

2. If the diagnosis of the qualifying condition is made by your primary healthcare provider (md/do/chiropractor) to an acceptable degree of medical certainty, we will review the documentation, confirm the diagnosis and issue the certification.

3. If the diagnosis of the qualifying condition is not confirmed, or you are not under the care of a primary healthcare provider, we require you seek the services of one and come back when you qualify as in #2.  We are not equipped or staffed to provide primary diagnostic services at this time.  We do offer some limited chart documentation with chronic pain patients, and will develop other options for patient with limited medical resources.

4. You will be offered follow up in two forms:

a. You will be given a survey to fill out at the time you receive your actual plastic card from the state to assess your response to the treatment and answer any questions that come up.  You may download this survey at any time from our website.  Again it is on the right side near the patient application packets.  This follow up is REQUIRED to complete your chart.  Soon this will be available on line for time stamped documentation.

b. You may, at any time during business hours, come to the office or facilitator and ask to speak with me in person or via video conference free of charge.  If you are unable to come in, you may contact me directly by phone with your questions or updates at 989-339-4464.  My skype name is Robert.townsend117 and you may contact or messenger me at any time on skype.

5. To avoid confusion, an acceptable degree of medical certainty means:

a. The diagnosis was reached using acceptable medical practice.

b. The diagnosis is based on OBJECTIVE data (x-rays, biopsy reports, lab work) in addition to SUBJECTIVE data (hey doc I hurt).  Information generated simply from patient self-reporting (i.e.  Affidavits claiming a condition) is not sufficient and will not stand up in court.

c. The workup and diagnosis, treatment program, and progress will be reviewed by the certification doctor to confirm it will stand up to peer review if questioned by medical or non-medical authorities.  This means using the same information available to the certification physician, another would reasonably reach the same diagnosis.

The state medical boards have also put out guidelines that can be found here:

Medical Board Standards we fully comply

Obtaining a certification is not a difficult process, even when things are done right by the book as we do them.  We are working on a procedure to help patients that do not see doctors, but this is a schedule 1 narcotic, and if you cannot show you are suffering or ill enough to go to a doctor and get some medical records, it means we have an uphill battle trying to defend you in court if you have a problem.  We have never had a certification overturned, and don’t want to start with YOU.

In addition to your medical records, you will need you Michigan driver’s license or ID.