Best Weed Tips and Reviews

Hey there! I’m glad you stopped by my website. I’m hoping you learn a lot about medical and recreation marijuana by browsing through my articles. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating the best reviews and tips you can find online. I care about my fellow responsible marijuana users and want to share my wealth of knowledge with each and every one of you.

The best way to use this site is to browse around and look for something that catches your eye. If you have something specific that you’re looking for, you can type it in the search box. Sometimes there won’t be any articles on a given topic. Send me an email asking me to cover a topic and I’ll write an in-depth guide on the topic, time permitting. The rest of this page will be dedicated to sharing some of my favorite weed sites which I feel every stoner should know about.

Favorite Marijuana Blog

Just like any other marijuana advocate, I read a ton of weed blogs. I read everything from High Times to The Cannabist. It’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest marijuana news and happenings. These sites have their finger on the pulse of the marijuana culture. They don’t only cover mmj news in the US, but also frequently have globalĀ  updates. Even though I read a ton of big blogs, my favorite weed site is the Happy Weed Life blog. It’s a smaller site that just resonates really well with me.

The thing about bigger sites is they get too big for themselves. They end up hiring content writers whose job is to crank out as many articles as possible. This is great for learning about the latest updates and news, but not as good for enjoying the true stoner culture. Eventually all these sites get too big for themselves and lose the vibe of the founders, but for now Happy Weed Life still has the true stoner vibe and I enjoy reading their content.

Weed Etiquette

Every stoner have manners. There are several things you can do or not do which will make you seem like a total newbie. If you are new to smoking, be sure to let your friends know that you’re new and don’t know what you’re doing. They will be more lenient with you and hopefully they will show you the ropes and not take offense to your mishaps. It’s fine to be a newbie, we’ve all been there. But why commit stoner fouls when you don’t have to.

My favorite weed etiquette guide can be read here This will prevent you from looking like a total novice. Be sure to watch the video too. It’s not only informative but also very entertaining. This guide will have you smoking like a pro by nights end. Just follow it to the T and it won’t disappoint.

CBD Reviews

Unfortunately, we don’t do CBD reviews on this site. I try to stay in my lane, and that’s recreational and medical marijuana. However, I do acknowledge that CBD is a huge part of the cannabis culture. With the right THC:CBD ratio, these two cannabinoids can potentiate each others effects. At different ratios you can also greatly reduce the psychoactive effects of THC which is great for those who don’t like being high but want the medicinal effects. Project CBD is the best resource by far for leaning about CBD.

I do use CBD products myself and have had great success with them. You can read more about my favorite CBD product at along with several other CBD products. These products have really worked for me and I hope you have the same success with them.