Letter sent to patients

We have recently sent out a letter to all our N. Michigan friends. In the letter is a note from me announcing our new Gaylord office, a brochure outlining our services, and a great letter from our attorney Dan Hartman on the do's and don't of medical marijuana. 

There is no patient information, just information on the new office. Have a look and make a quick call to the call center at 989-339-4464 to make sure your information is right in our system and your reminders are set up...

Dr. Bob

New Press Release-Are Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients being forced to grow their own? More growers on the rise…

Back in February of this year, the state Supreme Court ruled in a 4-1 decision, that medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal, and since that time many patients have basically been forced to grow their own marijuana. Each patient by state law can grow up to twelve plants, and have no more than 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana in their possession.

Medical marijuana patients can also designate a caregiver to provide them marijuana, however, there is currently no formal process for patients finding qualified caregivers. State sanctioned caregivers can grow up to twelve plants for up to 5 people. Patients have to search for social medical marijuana websites or conduct searches for caregivers on websites such as Craigslist. Either or is not very trustworthy and not very conducive to a patient legally seeking marijuana for their ailments.

There are also many horror stories about caregivers not adequately providing marijuana to their assigned patients, but rather selling the marijuana on the black market and using the patient as a means to grow more plants. Other caregivers are promising patients’ free marijuana if they sign up with them, and then the caregiver never provides the actual marijuana. These types of stories have become quite common these days although there are still a lot of good caregivers out there who are really passionate about helping their patients and the overall movement of medical marijuana.

As of this past December, Michigan had over 124,000 registered medical marijuana users and nearly 26,000 caregivers licensed by the state. When you consider proximity and location, it is impossible for each patient to have a registered caregiver. So now there is a real dilemma as most qualified patients who are in need of marijuana, do not have the ability to either cultivate marijuana or find a trustworthy caregiver.

A new company in Michigan called KushWorld LLC, says they have the solution to the dilemma many Michigan medical marijuana patients face, and their solution is "Grow Your Own". Working out of the office of Dr. Bob’s Denali Healthcare in Saginaw, MI, KushWorld is offering new "Grow Your Own" seminars this winter that will teach marijuana patients how to legally grow their own marijuana for a low cost. KushWorld believes that most individual patients can grow their own and grow it for a fairly reasonable price.

KushWorld founder and CEO Dell J. feel there is a strong need for these Grow Your Own seminars, and that many Michigan medical marijuana patients will benefit from it.

"After having a conversation with Dr. Bob, we both felt it was imperative that many patients begin to grow their own marijuana in order to have a safe and efficient way of gaining access to their medicine. No medical marijuana patient should have to meet in back alleys or search on Craigslist for Marijuana."This is why Grow Your Own seminars are needed. Dell J, himself a medical marijuana patient who tried to learn how to grow by reading articles online and watching you tube videos, realized growing marijuana is not that simple.


Update on Denali Healthcare

Denali Patient Locations

Our Patients

Well this has been a very good year for Denali Healthcare.  Watch for our new website, www.DenaliHealthcareMI.com which will be released shortly (right now it directs to the old one so check back frequently).

We are moving our discount clinic from Grayling to Ludington to better serve Western Michigan. There will still be special pricing in Grayling for the time being ($99 new and renewal) but it will be going to full price by the first of the year.  Ludington will be $99 for the next six months or so as our financial hardship clinic.

The newest addition will be our Gaylord office- No longer will folks in N. Michigan have to get their certifications in hotel rooms, or over skype with a doctor they will never see (and apparently may not even be licensed).  We will offer full pain management as well as suboxone therapy for narcotic addiction in a professional medical office setting.  We will have a loose association with Attorney Daniel J. Hartman, and in a mailing going out to our N. Michigan patients this week he will have a letter outlining the 'Do's and Don'ts' of Medical Marijuana, as well our new practice Trifold outlining our full range of Services

Our Mt. Pleasant office has moved to 437 S. Mission with a nice big sign- it is the green building right across from the Firehouse Car Wash.  Plenty of space and parking, and we are open 5 days a week.  We'll even be doing some evening clinics there in the near future.

We moved into our new office in Marquette back in August, and things couldn't be going better for us there.  Well yes they could, we have been informed that our former associates are telling folks we left the area, but we've been there for 3 years and just moved downtown to 1108 W. Washington (and they have been to the new office).  If our UP patients want to see the new doctor they got to replace us that's great, we'll be happy to send your records, but really telling folks we left the area isn't how we roll at Denali.  We try to be professional with intergrity.  We encourage our UP patients to contact the Marquette office at 906-203-8087

Finally, we are instituting a new service to remind folks when their follow up evaluations are due and their cards expire- Contact our call service with your name, DOB, current mailing address, cell number and email, we will update your file and schedule your reminder texts and emails.  Just give Keisha at the appointment line a call at 989-339-4464 and she'll talk it from there.

See you soon!

Dr. Bob

Stay Under Your Plant Limit!!

locked up2

With over 130,000 registered medical marijuana patients and over 26,000 caregivers currently in Michigan, there is a lot of marijuana being grown these days! The opportunity to be able to "Grow Your Own" medicine is a blessing and a gift that we should all appreciate. However, if we all are not careful and vigilant to the law, then the idea of growing marijuana can become a gift and a curse.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Act was passed in 2008 allowing pain stricken patients throughout Michigan to be able to legally consume Marijuana. Ironically, the consumption, sale and/or transfer of marijuana is still illegal according to federal law. Any patient or caregiver who comes into question regarding the law should immediately contact a n expert lawyer who specializes in Michigan Medical Marijuana.

In reference to the federal law, we are walking a fine line and we have to be careful and smart when it comes to growing or consuming marijuana. Each individual patient who has a medical marijuana license and chooses to grow their own are allowed to grow up to twelve plants. In addition, you allowed 2.5 ounces of dried cannabis flowers at one time. In some instances and depending on who you ask, your twelve plants can include your clones or cuttings or even dried leaves. Therefore it’s imperative, that you stay under your plant limit and your dried cannabis flower limit at all times!

Michigan caregivers according to the MMMA Act., are allowed to grow up to twelve plants per patient including themselves if they are a registered patient. Each caregiver is allowed a maximum of 5 patients. Therefore if a caregiver is growing for five patients including him or herself, the caregiver is legally allowed to grow up to 72 plants.

This is a tremendous amount of plants at one given time and the caregiver should make sure to stay within their plant limit and consider their clones, cuttings, and dried leaves when tallying their plants.. A caregiver can easily lose count or not pay close attention to the size of their overall grow.

Growing marijuana can be done fairly easy but it takes a lot of work and it’s a huge responsibility for the grower!

There are new criminal cases every day with medical marijuana growers being busted for one reason or another, and we as growers and caregivers should pay close attention to how these cases are decided. Each case could set a new precedent for Michigan medical marijuana which could affect anyone of us. For most patients or caregivers who gets in trouble with law, the only option is the Section 8 defense. Learn more about Section 8 dismissal and motions.

I once heard someone say you can’t get away with committing two offenses at once, meaning we may get away with growing or consuming marijuana, but don’t push the envelope and do things outside of the law. We shouldn’t grow more marijuana than we are allowed to, nor should we have in possession more marijuana then we are allowed to. There are also many other regulations to consider and learn about such as medibles, oils, caregiver and patient transfers.

We have come a long way with the evolution of medical marijuana, but the fight is not over. We all have to do our part and show the naysayers that marijuana is a medicine that can be used responsibly and the people of Michigan can abide by the law. I personally feel that the majority of Michigan medical marijuana patients and caregivers are up to the task of setting the gold standard on how to treat this wonderful cannabis plant, and I am honored to be part of this movement!

 Dell J.

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Attend our “Grow Your Own Seminars” at Denali Healthcare in Saginaw, call: 1-800-451-0593

When everything around us seems to be falling apart, we still have Marijuana!

Everyday life seems to bring us another obstacle. Tragedies, killings, strife, global warming, and now a government shutdown has put a dark cloud over our heads. However, we as American citizens can’t give up. We must continue to fight and strive to be the best people we can be and help our world the best way we can. In the midst of all this doom and gloom, we still have one constant joy, and a secret healer, which is our marijuana.

During these times, we have to continue to cultivate the best remedy for diseases and ailments, and put our best foot forward and produce the best medicine that money can buy. When the dust settles, and a normal way of life resurface, we want to be standing tall right next to a Cannabis plant. To all of the caregivers and patients we must stay focused on the task of growing this wonderful plant into a medicine that can heal any type of pain, whether it be physical or emotional.

There is no evil people, or even a government shutdown that can stop the momentum we have created with Cannabis being the new medicine of choice. The time has come, where we no longer look for pills or a certain type of operation to heal us or make us feel better. A consensus has been made, and we all agree that marijuana is pretty much all the medicine we need.

There is sure to be more hard times to come, more killings, terrorism, and many other bad inconveniences like this government shutdown. But in the midst of all that’s going on and everything that seems to be falling apart, let’s keep in mind and be thankful that we still have marijuana!

Enjoy your life as much as you can and medicate to the fullest. Not to abuse, but to feel better and to feel good about life and to realize everything will be okay. No worries!


Dell J.

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