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Hearing Videos


The House Working group on HB 4834, HB 4851, HB 4853, HB 4856

These are the hearings following the House working group on Medical Marijuana headed by Reps Horn (R) and Cavanaugh (D).  Various organizations such as CPU, the ACLU, the Michigan Prosecutors Association, the medical board, and the MSP were members of the group, amongst others.  The result was a package of 4 proposed bills. 

2-23-12 House Judiciary MMMA Hearing

3-1-12  House Judiciary MMMA Hearing

3-8-12 House Judiciary MMMA Hearing Part 1 Dr. Bob testifies at about 2:15

3-8-12 House Judiciary MMMA Hearing Part 2

This package of 4 bills was based by the House several weeks later, with some modifications, and currently awaits the approval of the Senate.  The next Senate hearings are scheduled for July 15 at 9 am.


Historical Videos

Historic and Documentary Videos

Here you will find videos of the history of industrial hemp and medical cannabis, along with propaganda films from the past.


Henry Ford's Hemp Car 1941

Automobile built from hemp fiber and running on hemp oil to address wartime shortages

Hemp for Victory! 1942

You should grow it when we want you to, otherwise go to jail

Reefer Madness 1937

An all time favorite

The Cannabis Company- Anti-MMMA commercial 2008

The propaganda continues under Bill Schuette

Run from the Cure, The Rick Simpson Story

The story of Rick Simpson and his oil

Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Medical Cannabis and the Elderly...


News Reports and Stories

This is Dr. Bob and Medical Marijuana in General on TV.  We also have some videos about the practice and such in this category